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# Enmap Partners

# An Idiot's Guide

My home for many years, way before Enmap was even a thought, AIG has been the place where I can be myself. That is, be sometimes of an asshole and sometimes helpful to beginners wanting to learn discord.js. Sometimes both at the same time!

AIG helps users with discord.js support for version 11 and 12, has a channel for Enmap, and is a community of builders. Notably, we're the authors of the famous An Idiot's Guide to Discord.js (if that wasn't obvious), where I'm the main author but there have been many contributions over the year. For discord.js support, head on over to https://anidiots.guide/ for the guide itself and https://discord.gg/vXVxsAjSMF to join us on Discord.

# Enmap Supporters

# AndrewJWin

The first supporter on GitHub and Patreon, working towards a degree in IT and an occasional idiot on An Idiots Guide.

He's Andrew()#9999 on Discord, and always willing to tell you if your nose looks weird.